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Welcome to Our Site

Limelight restaurant & bar is an unit of Limelight Hotels Pvt.ltd. which boasts of a multicuisine restaurant in the heart of the city s Dalhousie square, another restaurant in Ballygunge and a bakery division in the name of Limelight - THE MASTER BAKER. Limelight restaurant offers a wide variety of appetizing and wholesome fare of food, yet at affordable rates. It provides gourmet cuisine involving culinary art from experienced chefs who specialize in vegetarian, seafood or ethnic foods. This is a place to relax and enjoy delectable dishes with family, friends and collegues. It has a perfect ambience to have lunch/eve-snacks/dinner with its chilled AC’s & comfortable sofas or large chairs, after hectic office hours with a peg of drink or a glass of beer.

Our Motto - Personalized service meeting the needs of individual customers / guests.
Client List - Almost all big corporate houses and govt. bodies in Kolkata’s different corners.

Limelight Restaurant & Bar

32/1, B.B.D.Bag, Kolkata-700019.
Ph- 033 2248 3334, 033 2248 3335
(Opposite Telephone Bhavan)

Limelight Restaurant

22/1, Ballygunge Station Road, Kolkata-700019.
Ph- 033 2440 3585, 9339440449
(Opposite Ballygunge station Railway booking center)

Limelight – The Master Baker

Ph-, 033 2440 358


Our Fecilities

    • Multi-cuisine – wide variety to choose from
    • Menu-engineering – strategic & deliberate reconstruction of menus from time to time to meet customer needs
    • Food service – efficient & experienced waiters & barmen to provide personalized service
    • Great offers – Almost all year through
    • Attractive Price – Refined food, yet at an attractively low price
    • Customer care – customer are our food critics and we are always open to them to submit their reviews through our guest Comments Form.
    • Party Orders – We cater to outdoor orders/buffets.
    • Home/Office Delivery – It’s a free service we provide round the clock.11


We Provide Excellent Packaging Of Our Food For Take Always, Bulk Orders, etc. This Helps keep the Food warm and almost Fresh

Limelight Restaurant & Bar
  • 32/1, B.B.D.Bag, Kolkata-700001.
    (Opposite Telephone Bhavan)
  • 033 2248 3334 / 033 2248 3335
  • admin@limelightgroup.in
  • www.limelightgroup.in

Limelight Restaurant
  • 22/1, Ballygunge Station Road, Kolkata-700019.
    (Opposite Ballygunge station Railway booking center)
  • 033 2440 3585 / 9339440449
  • admin@limelightgroup.in
  • www.limelightgroup.in
  • 033 2440 3585